Monday, July 6, 2009

Search for an authentic English fish and chips shop in NYC

It's been more than a week now coming from a short break in NYC. I was sent for a 2-day training but decided to spend the weekend there with the hubby.. it has been 6 months since we last stepped out of the rock.. and it's been more than 2 years since we last visited NYC.. still remember that good time we rocked 2007 new year in new york with the hubby (we were just engaged then) and my little sis.

Anyways, what to do in NYC when we've been to most tourist-y areas the last time (though I still haven't been to the top of Empire State and up-close with Liberty!)???!! Shop, broadway, imax and of course, pig out! :)

First in line? What to do when you are with an insistent Brit who's craving for the "authentic" and "english" fish and chips in the land of the Yankees?? Go find one of course! Since we watched the fish and chips showdown on "Throwdown with Bobby Flay", the hubby has vowed to fly to NYC to have that authentic fish and chips the Brit duo made to crush the great Bobby. From the plane touching down to JFK and surviving one of the scariest cab rides we had to reach our hotel in Times Square, we just literally dropped of our luggages and went straight to the tubes to find that hole in a wall fish and chips shop in Greenwich Village aptly called "A Salt and Battery" (that's what I felt the hubby would do to a poor soul in the NYC streets if we did not find it!).

After a few wrong turns
, we finally found it... hubby just left me in the middle of the Greenwich busy street to reach it, while I was still scrambling for my camera to take some photos.. hee... Suffice to say, the hubby satisfied his 3-month long craving.. while I left the shop with these thoughts:

- Does one need to order fish and chips in his most proper British accent to the shop owner hoping he'll get an extra slice of cod??!

- I've never seen someone so giddy seeing a "Sarsons" malt vinegar??!! Apparently it's the real deal - - what's wrong with our Heinz in the house?

- Fish and chips doused with malt vinegar and salt, I do get. But then dipping it in curry??!! I do get.. NOT!

Oh well, as long as my
shopping buddy..erhm.. sponsor is happy then I'll go with it! :)

search for the best Filipino food in NYC!

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