Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Post no (Hurricane) Bill

Huwhatt? More than a month since my last blog?!! What have I been doing.. let's just say that work and life are far from balancing at this time of the year for me, with the former obviously weighing more than necessary.

But anyways, just to take off from my previous blog.. Hurricane Bill was just a quasi-threat. I was sooo ready, that the hubby just
patiently told me off a couple of times that I was overdoing my hurricane preparedness. Well, one can never be too careful and always better safe than sorry for me - - especially with our 2006 experience.

Our office was "kind" enough to close down at 12nn that Friday afternoon to give us time to prepare for Bill's touchdown on Saturday. Yet, we ended up visiting John Smith's Bay (the beach nearest our place) and tried to take photos of the raging surf. Ignoring all island warnings, of course.

It was indeed a bit scary seeing the rough surf and the wind gusts. But come Saturday, there was no landfall. There was minor flooding from th
e surf and houses near the coast sporadically lost power but from our location, we surprisingly had the luxury of internet connection and cable tv... all day and night. Lucky b*st*rds, eh! :)

A sigh of relief for Bermuda as all Bill left were the debris on the road and beaches... and a hubby sneering "and i told you so"....

John Smith Bay during Hurricane Bill 2009

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