Thursday, September 18, 2008

DJ David in the house

My hubby is a frustrated DJ - he just loves his tunes that our house can turn into an underground club scene when he's in the zone. Well, minus the madness of drugs, smoking, dancing, laughing, kissing, hugging, hallucinating, smiling, sweating, shouting, cheering, clapping - - - straight from the horse's (the frustrated DJ) mouth. But booze is definitely there - it's a given, my hubby is a Brit!

RANT: Unfortunately, his brand of music is not always my type of music. Opposites attract - NOT! Not when I'm close to being deaf.. pakshet!

RAVE: But heck, if it gives me my "me" time to watch my episodes of Bones (which I can't believe I'm just starting to watch after 3 seasons!!) and reading my Twilight series, then it's a welcome break.

RANT: He's not just a frustrated DJ, he's an ultimate music geek too! Just one random or innocent question about music and he can lecture about the music birds and the bees ...bzzz ...bzzzz .....zzzzz ...zzzz...

RAVE: But I do love soul, funk and old house music - and the dear frustrated DJ is my best resource.

And as a credit to the weeny bit of tunes we both like listening to (which give my hubby and I our brief moment of harmony!) - I'll put in some of those tunes in my music folder... cheers!

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