Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wiener Schnitzel

'Tis fine but very windy Sunday, David and I stepped out to grab a late lunch in St. George's - at Tavern By the Sea. Here's my very first taste of an Austrian dish - the Wiener Schnitzel. I was expecting a sausage - turned out to be a pork scallop pounded flat, breaded and fried. So much simpler than it sounds. And suffice to say, I ate it faster than I could properly pronounce or spell it!!

It was worth a try and was very tender-ish that I enjoyed it. However, the Asian in me always looks for taste, taste, and taste. I find European food a bit bland - I ended up shaking more salt and pepper than I ought to.

But the real wiener... este winner was the the harbour view. Tavern by the Sea has a sweeping view of the St. George's harbour.. it's soooo pretty. One of the few things I really appreciate here in Bermuda.

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