Saturday, June 6, 2009

"1 large mochaccino, please"

That has been my scripted line every morning, since my busy season (ugh, only bean counters and "audit-whores" will get this) has started. It has been a 10-12 hour shift for me the past 2 weeks and throw in a range of hours during the weekend (like today! wtf). Complaining? Nah.. lucky to have a job in this economic climate (sorry, that's a lot of BS!!).

Anyways, this blog will just be a rambling non-sense (nobody reads this anyway, haha). Starting with a pop quiz: THERE IS NO STARBUCKS CAFE HERE!!!! That was one of the very first surprises presented to me when I stepped foot on this island - - on top of having no malls, no McD's (KFC is the only international fast food franchise here!), etc. There are a number of cafe's around town and I've tried most of them, but none really got me into my starbucks habit. There's one coffee bar with yummy Godiva coffee but it's a 10min walk from my office and in Bermuda, that is a looonngg walk. So scratch that from my daily list.

Then, after more than 3 years searching for my ritual morning coffee, a cafe opened 3 floors down my office. Story short, it has started my love affair with Cafe 4's mochaccino. And a "familiar stranger relationship" with that nice Italian lady barista. haha. Loveeett.. it's helping me survive my hell-hole so far.
Ohh, and lately I would even extend my script to "... and one regular mochaccino" for the hubby who is finally opening up to other "perk-up potions" than just his typical English breakfast tea (with milk).

And another pop quiz: it's the only cafe open after 5pm! Yet, nothing's perfect... my mochaccino comes at a price ($4.5 a day!). A Bermy friend once said, "it's not the price of coffee that you are paying.. but rather the price of sipping that coffee in Bermuda."

Oh well, who dares argue? Not me, I need my caffeine jolt at these trying times. Hay.


  1. No Starbucks? No McD's? How do you live? :-)

    Mind you, I have an accountant friend - an auditor, no less - who moved to Bermuda for work upon qualification and absolutely loves it.

  2. Starbucks and McD's are always in my list everytime I get out of the island :)

    Haha, every Brit I know loves it here - - including the hubby! I came from a tropical place so the sun is not new to me - but for him, this is an absolute paradise :)


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