Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hurricane Bill - on track to Bermuda

Been a while, whew. My schedule has gone awry for blogging: training in NY, middle of my busy season, Bermuda summer (yey!), and UK + mini-Europe trip (double yey!).

Hoping to get my schedule and my blogging back on track in the next few weeks. Just dropping by to flag something interesting.. it's the Bermuda summer = meaning, it's also the hurricane season!

First hurricane in the Atlantic for the year, and it seems to be heading our direction. Hurricane Bill's closest point of approach is expected in 72 hours (as I write this) at category 3 (100-120 mph). Preps, preps!

The last time we had this direct hurricane hit was in 2006 - Hurricane Florence. It was quick, not as bad as the island had expected (I heard island suffered so badly during Fabian in 2003, wasn't here yet). But my hubby and I personally suffered with the prolonged power loss - house opposite our apartment was directly hit by a lighting (and we were there just outside our apartment to witness it!). Another hardship was dipping our water supply from the well under the harsh wind and rain (all fun experiences haha).

Bermuda is expected to survive Bill if it hits. Only regret is that it's bound to happen in the weekend to impede beach time, hmph. More updates soon but in the meantime, island is business as usual... and hubby is also beaming with excitement (men!).

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