Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bermuda beach #1: Warwick Long Bay Beach

Oh dear, blogging neglected big time!

Work has been so crazy lately (and still is!) that I'm lucky to have a few hours in a weekend. Thanks for the hubby prevailing over me last week and just dragged me to the beach. We visited the most relaxing public beach in Bermuda - Warwick Long Bay. Our favorite spot for a quiet beach and bbq time. Not my favorite for swimming though - Warwick Long Bay is I think for more competent swimmers. Water in other beaches are calmer and more kid-friendly although the area surrounding the coral reefs is relatively calm. I guess having less kids is part of the attraction of Warwick Long Bay especially for tired expats who just want to spend a relaxing time. It's my and hubby's most visited beach in the island.

Ok, nerdy time: Warwick Long Bay is the longest beach in Bermuda - stretching over half mile. It's the first of the string of public beaches in South Shore at the east side of the island (ends with Horseshoe Bay beach, the main stop for Good Friday kite flying). It's also known for steep cliffs which are accessible for walking and are great for taking panoramic photos of the sea (my blog title photo was taken from the cliff).

As what Bermuda is known for, the beach sand has a pinkish streak. And what I always find amazing is the sand never turns hot no matter the summer temperature is. I can walk barefoot anytime. Bermuda waters also IMO are one of the bluest I've seen. If one's lucky, it's also good for snorkeling, although there are far better beaches in Bermuda for that (to blog about those beaches in the future).

This was our first proper beach stop this year. We haven't really been taking advantage of the beaches in Bermuda the past years. I guess it's human nature to neglect the things that are easily within reach and are free.
Hopefully this year will be different and we are really keen in enjoying the beaches this summer. Bermuda is really breathtaking - - I guess hubby and I just really need to take a look at the island from a tourist's perspective. The island then will look totally different than from the eyes of worn out and drained expats (ehem). And who knows, this might be our last summer in Bermuda -- might as yet make the most of it.

Oh well, until my next post.

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