Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bermuda Shorts #4: B.O.T.

Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory.

Pop quiz: Does that mean a British citizen can just pack up his bags and reside in the island?

Errrm... the answer is "NO" (booos in the background).

Ok, geeky trivia time - but please don't be too rude... or at least cover your yawn, haha. Bermuda as a B.O.T. has much autonomy in running its own government, which means, Bermuda has its own immigration control generally working under the concept of "status". If you have Bermuda status, then you are not under the immigration control. And the opposite goes otherwise. Bermuda status is generally held by individuals born in Bermuda to at least one parent who has Bermudian status. Ok, boring stuff over - - snoozing's up!

Oops, not that easy to escape the wet and gloomy UK for the Bermuda sun afterall.


  1. You mean I can't just pack my bags and move to Bermuda and wave my British passport at anyone who tries to argue with me? Damn.

  2. Yeah, my hubby's sentiments exactly. He had to go through the same venue as everyone else - through a legit job with no Bermy interested in applying. Nah, he couldn't argue his way even with the Queen's english. :)


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