Saturday, April 25, 2009

4 bird encounters and a lovely Saturday afternoon

Hubby got me a Nikon DSLR last 2007, hoping he would upgrade my love of taking photos from the usual digital point-and-shoot mode. Not until last month did I really get into gear learning it. So now that spring is here, I've been forcing my arse out of the bed a few hours each weekend to study the more intricate uses of my cam. I don't want to sound stupid but it's not easy deviating from the usual 'auto' or point-and shoot mode - - it may take a while until I fully learn the aperture, shutter speed, ISO, etc. But I have years ahead of me to do it so I am really enjoying it at the mo. :)

So fast forward to one lovely Saturday afternoon I spent a couple or more hours just walking around Hamilton (the only city in the island) taking some photos. It was an usually busy day for the birds at the ferry station. I was hoping to catch the most wanted "Bermuda longtail" bird for a photo op but I wasn
't so lucky. I ended up capturing a few birds in flight for my first encounter.

I'm not really too sure of the type .. me, who grew up just seeing pigeons and Philippine sparrows (maya). That explains my restricted knowledge.. or call that ignorance for that matter. But with a little research here and there brings me to "conclude" that these birds belong to the petrel class. But not sure if these are Bermudians or migrants (like me haha).

Second encounter, I was resting at the Hamilton harbor after a couple of hours walking. Then, this pair of pigeons just made out in front of me. Get a room, you two!

Then, here's a cutie li'l yellow one who was lost among all the pigeons at the harbor area. Again, I had to do a bit of research and this came closest to a kiskadee. I'm not even gonna bother if I got this wrong. Basta cute sya de bah.

Leaving the harbor, another bird caught my eye.. not the same type which takes flight but is as also stunning. This bird of paradise stood out in the midst of the Harrys resto's front bit. I so looove the color. Spring, weeee! :)

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