Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bermuda Shorts #3: Water is power

Bermuda's paradox: for an island surrounded by vast water, maintaining one's water supply is an extra challenge.

Rain water is the main water supply of the residents in the island. If you walk around Bermuda, you will notice that residences' roofs are made of limestone with glides (resembling flights of stairs). These glides are necessary to collect the rain water and divert it into each house's water storage tanks. That's why it is also very important that roofs are cleaned regularly. Ohh, these limestone-made roofs can also resist hurricanes.

Of course, it's not all backward here as groundwater resource is also available and if I recall, Bermuda has a desalination, sea water distillation and / or a water reverse osmosis plants. That's a big improvement when back in the day, water was also imported from North America (!!!!). But then again, that kind of water supply comes with a price. Rain water supply means a lot of savings per household. However, the issue begins in between rainy months as queues for water suppliers can be so bad. It happened once in our old apartment, hubby and I had to shower in the office for a couple of days and fetch water from another source for our toilet use. How uggghhh is that!?

So here in Bermuda, water is king. [Gollum: "my precious.. my precious.."]

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