Monday, April 20, 2009

Preface II: Milestones

What has happened since I moved to Bermuda in late October 2005? Here goes:

  • My very first serious brush with "diversity". Met new-found friends from different countries aside from the Philippines and Bermuda: India, Uganda, Pakistan, Canada, US, Kenya, UK, etc.
  • My very first Christmas away from my family.. boo hoo. But it turned out pretty well, my housemates and I hosted a fun christmas eve party for fellow Filipinos and other nationalities
  • Joined the dating scene... yeee heee. April 2, 2006 when my future husband-to-be David and I officially started dating.
  • Ipod
  • First bday with David
  • My first trip to the UK - no, not with David. Went for a 2 week visit to the UK with one of my closest friends in Bermuda, Myles in August 2006
  • First westend play, visit to Stonehenge and discovery of my favorite place in the UK: Bath!
  • My first trip to the US in November 2006. Hello, New York City!
  • First Broadway show: The Lion King
  • My first (and so far only) encounter with proper golf
  • My second Chrismas away from my family.. boo hoo.. But again, got the surprise of my life: David proposed to me in Miami on December 25, 2006. Hinde naman kami nagmamadali di ba, hahaha. Ay sya lang pala since he was the one who proposed - I never had an inkling in fairness! Oh, this was my first holiday / vacation with David
  • First visit to one of my childhood BFF Robie in Miami
  • First visit to Disney Orlando and Kenney Space Center
  • New Year in New York with the most special peeps in my life: David and my youngest sis Ascon. Super fun!
  • My first brush with winter. No snow encounter in wintery New York though... boooo!
  • Wedding plans!
  • Job promotion
  • First visit to Boston with side trips to Gloucester and Salem. One of my favorite holidays ever.
  • First time meeting the Saker boys :)
  • Nikon DSLR
  • Boracay wedding - December 6, 2007. Best-est [sic] day in my book, ever!!
  • Singapore, Malaysia trip with David
  • Meeting Ascon's boyfriend - wow, each Caceres sib was with a "hunny" for Christmas
  • David's first Christmas with my family and my homecoming after 2 years!
  • David's first New Year with my family - first encounter with torotot at paputok!
  • First visit to the Saker family in Bourne, UK
  • Job promotion
  • Snow in NJ.. first time and it was the night of the Pacquiao fight vs. de la Hoya
  • My visit to Bacolod and Su-ay with David
  • Happy Christmas with the Caceres brood
  • David's second encounter with the torotot
  • Credit crisis!!!
  • Macbook!!!!
  • Blogging
TODAY: Dodging redundancy and patiently waiting for my passport and UK visa renewal (tagal!)
TOMORROW: Dodging redundancy and carrying on blogging

Note: All photos in my multiply link :)

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