Thursday, April 30, 2009

Framed: "home sick.. burp!"

my lovely home-cooked Filipino-ish dinner.. this does not happen in Bermuda everyday :)


  1. That looks simply yummy :-)

    Thanks for linking to me. I have to admit I found you quite by accident - I had no idea you had linked to me as you weren't in the Followers box on my blog. I do like your blog and love the pictures and I shall therefore be following you :-)

    Feel free to follow me back on my blog, and perhaps also the other blogs on your hot list too so that they can return the favour!

    P.S. Love the title picture too - living in Bermuda must be fantastic!

  2. Hey, thank you! :) I'm still learning the ropes here and hopefully, I finally got my name up there as one of your followers. I love following your blog and your quest for career change. It is really interesting especially as we are from the same field. :)

    Bermuda is beautiful - - although I do have my gripes haha. Maybe when the job market picks up, you may want to try it here. But I suggest to stay away from working in an audit firm, or you may never enjoy the sun! :)

    Thanks again and happy blogging! :)


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