Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bermuda Shorts #1: Need for Speed

Eto na.. top of the list info one should learn about being in Bermuda is the speed limit. No joke, speed limit is 35 kph (not mph as most are often mistaken) regardless of vehicular mode. This is primarily driven by the government's attempt to reduce or avoid road accidents. For an island where scooter (or moped) is the primary mode of transportation, accident is really very common - - scooters are everywhere, wriggling their way out of traffic (btw, a 5min wait here is already considered heavy traffic, a far cry from Edsa or South Super hi-way).

In fairness, police would flag one for speeding here beyond 50kph. Hmm come to think of it, imagine trying to drive uphill here within the 35kph speed limit? Ang saya saya de bah. But it's a very costly offense mind you, with a minimum of $250 penalty starting at 55kph. It's a government cash cow - - heard there's an average of 100 offenders in court per day.

However, there are still maniacs on the road who'll chance it and drive beyond the limit - - David was once caught driving beyond 100kph but was lucky enough to just get a warning. His second time, the judge let him off as the officer lost his ticket. Lucky b@sterd hehe. But he is being careful now as losing his license is equivalent to losing a leg - - especially his type who's allergic to taking the public transpo. Feeling!!

Which reminds me of speculations back in '05 that Casino Royale will be shot in Bermuda. Hahahaha, can you imagine the super agent James Bond driving within the 35kph speed limit??!! Oh dear, oh dear. The film was eventually shot in Bahamas.

Kaya in other words, save your 4th gear here, mate. There's no need for speed here.

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