Monday, April 27, 2009

Bermuda Shorts #2: Kite flying on a Good Friday

Good Friday is one of the huge holidays in Bermuda - - this marks the official day for kite flying. The most popular place would be the Horseshoe Bay beach where it's more festive and where the kite flying competition is usually held. But since it can be so crowded, others will detour to parks, picnic grounds or other beaches. Meaning, one may practically fly a kite anywhere.

Interestingly, the tradition is to actually fly kites during Easter as it symbolizes Christ's ascent (i'm assuming you all know your bible stories?). Not sure why it shifted to Good Friday, though. Maybe as not to steal or share the spotlight with egg hunting and egg chocolate eating during Easter?? [jeopardy theme playing in the background]

It's a big deviation from what I'm used to in the Philippines where Good Friday is taken more religiously or spiritually, and is traditionally devoid of "fun" (hmm, not as apparent since the arrival of cable TV though). Bermuda's way is a "culture shock" of some sorts.. but if you're in Bermuda, you do as Bermudians do (hmm, at least on the fun part). Of course, not without a prayer to celebrate the true meaning of the "holy week".

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