Friday, April 24, 2009

Sipping a margarita at Rosa's Cantina

Ola! Friday night, hubby still in rut with his busy workload and miserably trying to beat his April 30 deadlines. So kawawa. Boo hoo.

Opted to have dinner at the only Mexican restaurant in the island and grab some comfort food. Good choice as I have been craving for a few margaritas lately.

Not the best Mexican resto but beg
gars can't be choosers right? This is monopoly at its best, which is very common here. However, we've always been treated well in this resto and food's relatively cheaper given their huge servings.

So, carry na.

Our dinner just got briefly interrupted with a sudde
n screeching sound and a loud bang . A bike accident just below the patio where we were seated. Lots of necks stretched to check what has happened, including ours. Good thing that it was a minor one, biker was unscathed. Sure scared the hell out of him though - - that's why stick to the speed limit!! (Reference: Need for speed blog).

Sorry 'bout photo quality - these were just randomly taken from my blackberry.

Chin chin... have a good weekend! :)

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