Monday, April 27, 2009

Hot Spot #1: Bath, UK

I've been quite lucky to have the chance to visit a few places outside of my own country.... and outside of my current residence. Each place is a learning experience, but there are really quite a few which are just on top of my list.

2006 was my first UK experience with one of my new-found-friends (NFF) in Bermuda, Myles. I joined her to visit her sister in Chippenham. Although visiting the common tourist-y places was a must, what caught me by surprise was our unscheduled visit to Bath. It was such a lovely, breath-taking place. The Royal Crescent, the Roman Baths, the Bath Abbey, the parks, the theathre.. I say everything. Even the shopping experience was superb! :)

I will definitely go back. I will make sure I force the hubby to take me to Bath this July (still waiting for my visa, argh!). It'll be the first time with him, I am so excited.

I just lovveeetttt!! :)

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